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The drilling company «Poisk Neftegas» was founded in 2003 and at the present moment provides the total spectrum of services in the sphere of drilling and workover of wells. During its all manufacturing activity the Company uses the most advanced technologies, pays much attention to the upgrading of the park of drilling rigs and its fitting with modern technique and equipment.

Poisk NefteGas has high skilled specialists, having many years of experience in different geological and climatic conditions on the territory of the former Soviet Union and abroad, i.e. – in Western Siberia and Saudi Arabia, the USA, Ukraine, Volga region, Sakhalin, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, including the experience of prospecting-exploration drilling and production drilling of vertical and horizontal wells, and also drilling of the lateral drifts and horizontal holes. Many of the specialists studied and underwent a training in the USA and Canada, in study centers of such companies as Halliburton (Sperry-Sun), Baroid, Security DBS, Texas Technical Institute, etc.

Company’s mission

To be the leading company in the field of oil-and-gas, rendering drilling services, ensuring that our operation makes maximum use of the available resources whilst ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in environmental protection in all our areas of activity.

We use the latest industrial technologies.

We have highly skilled personnel, capable to meet today’s challenges.

We always meet all of our engagements and we are proud of it!

Our main values:

  • Our Employees. We are proud of our employees, they are the foundations of a strong organization;
  • Our Partners. We adhere to the principles of teamwork with our partners. It is through cooperation that we achieve success;
  • We are committed to excellence in the provision of services to our partners and clients;
  • We value the professionalism of our staff and their commitment to constant improvement, we employ the best of the best.

Social responsibility and environmental protection

Aiming to the constant perfection of environmental protection methods and labour safety technologies is one of the most important duties.

Principles of company’s social responsibility:

  • business openness and transparency
  • good working conditions
  • health and labour safety
  • employee training and education
  • environmental protection

The principles of company’s environmental activity:

  • Recognition of human right of favorable environment;
  • Resource conservation;
  • Process optimization in the context of ecological safety;
  • Minimization of probable negative influence on environment while conducting productive activity;
  • Openness and availability of ecological information;

Carrying out of the environmental actions is based on clear understanding by the whole staff of the Company of that fact, that reasonably balanced solution of production tasks and problems of favorable environment conservation is a necessary condition for reduction of risks of emergency and arrangement of safe conditions for the personnel work and human population living.