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PNG Drilling Company continues successful well drilling for INGA JSC in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra.


PNG Drilling Company continues successful well drilling for INGA JSC (owned by British public company “Ruspetro”) on the Krasnoleninskoe oil condensate field near Talinka settlement in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, using two pad mobile drilling rigs manufactured by Well Equipment International s.r.l. (WEI, Italy), namely - the most advanced new mobile drilling rig “VIKING 6000 /WEI D 340–32” with 340 tons hook-load capacity and mobile drilling rig “ESKIMOS 4500 /WEI DS 250” with 250 tons hook-load capacity.

Since December 2015 the drilling and cementing of three wells have been already completed, including one well with the depth of more than 4300 m and with end horizontal section of app.1500 m.

Wherein the running in hole of horizontal 1500m liner in a quite complicated wellbore was successfully realized thanks to the use of VIKING mobile drilling rig overshot-elevator, allowing to safely make casing running with flushing, rotation and control of maximum permissible torques for threaded connections of casing pipes. It should be noted PNG Drilling Co is the only drilling contractor in Russia with such technology and equipment attached to drilling rigs top drives. Despite the difficulties due to the work in new region of West Siberia at extreme winter temperatures PNG Drilling Co intends to fully meet the Customer’s expectations for high quality and pace of well drilling. The evidence of this is the recent 20 m rail shifting of all VIKING mobile drilling rig equipment realized in record 3,5 hours to start drilling of the next pad well with depth of 4325 m including the end horizontal section of app. 1200 m.