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On March 16th 2013 a hurricane has passed through PNG Drilling Co drilling site in the Astrakhan region of Russia.


On March 16th 2013 a hurricane has passed through PNG Drilling Co drilling  site in the Astrakhan region of Russia where PNG Drilling Co has been drilling  well № 14 at Verblujie oilfield  for South Oil Company as a customer.  The hurricane took place during 10 hours together with a sandstorm and heavy rain. Wind speed was more than 28-30 m/s.  The force of the hurricane was up to 11 on the Beaufort scale.

Tents and canopies were damaged within drilling site due to the hurricane. Nevertheless,  PNG Drilling Co  mobile hydraulic rig «POBEDIT 4000 WEI DC 205», equipped with short mast and with no winch construction (super single rig), demonstrated  very high wind-resistance and reliability  in terms of the hurricane, that made possible for PNG Drilling Company to continue drilling works and to avoid nonproductive time spending.

It was noted by the customer  and supervisor representatives  that use of drilling rig as ZJ 30 type (Chinese production) or Russian mobile drilling rig 125 in such like hurricane conditions would represent  a considerable  risk of roll-over along of their higher mast.

From high wind-resistance  and industrial safety point of view  in climatic conditions  of Astrakhan region and Caspian Depression the use of super single mobile rig «POBEDIT 4000 WEI DC 205» equipped with semi-automatic pipe lifting from grown pipe rack to drilling floor is more preferred  and reliable than use of the standard  drilling rigs.

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