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In cooperation with PNG Drilling Company LLC «Gazpromneft - Orenburg» has reduced time for well drilling by 1,6 times.


According to "Inform Devon" news agency, LLC «Gazpromneft-Orenburg» has fixed the record short time for drilling  horizontal well with a depth of more than 4 kilometers at the Tsarichanskoye oil field (Orenburg region of Russia) using the «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP» mobile drilling rig, owned by PNG Drilling Company.

The well was completed in 45 days instead of usual 73 days using other drilling rigs. The construction period was reduced by 1,6 times. Due to such stunning results MDR «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP» will be used for drilling in other oil fields of LLC «Gazpromneft - Orenburg».

The excellent results achieved by LLC «Gazpromneft-Orenburg» in construction of complex structure wells with use of  MDR «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP» are due to the following advantages of this rig:

1. MDR «Saracen» is equipped with Top Drive, with  Over Top Drive and  with pipe manipulator, which supplies automatically tubular  and CSG from the ground racks to the Top Drive and back.

2. Pipe elevator «Overshot» replaces the standard set of equipment for the descent and lifting of the drilling tool.

3. Volume of circulation system of  MDR «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP» available  for mud  purification and storage is 430 cubic meters, that  is much more than the volume of other rigs circulation systems.

4. MDR «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP» can operate with working pressure of up to 500 atm. in the hydraulic system "mud pump - well", that provides the possibilities to select  the optimal drilling mode. While the most of other drilling rigs has working pressure of only up to 350 atm.

5. Due to the compactness of the lifting module of MDR «Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP»  the special transport is not required for its transportation.

 Noting the excellent results of drilling with MDR "Saracen 5000 WEI DS 272-22 LT HP», the deputy general director for well construction of "Gazpromneft-Orenburg" Mr. Vladimir Nagovicyn said: "Tsarichanskoye oil field is one of the most complicated oil fields in the world. To get the best results of drilling works and to reduce time of well construction we apply only the technologies that have already proved their high efficiency ".