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PNG Drilling Company takes an active part in tenders on oil-and-gas well construction.


PNG Drilling Company in cooperation with LLC “Drilling Company “Eurasia” took part in the tender on production wells construction on gas fields Gumbulak and Dzharkuduk in Uzbekistan which have been developed by LLC “Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company” in the frame of Product-sharing Agreement.

Having successfully passed the first round of qualified selection PNG Drilling Company ranked the second giving way only to Eriell Corporation S.r.l. which has been actively cooperating with “Uzbekneftegas” within several years.

Apart from this PNG Drilling Company proceeded with an application and sent the tender documentation package for preliminary qualification in tender on carrying out drilling works in Libya with the usage of its drilling rig “Pobedit 4000 WEI DS 205".

Currently PNG Drilling Company carries on negotiations on participating in oil-and-gas well construction in Syria, Kuwait and Bangladesh, where its drilling rig “Pobedit 4000 WEI DS 205" can be used as well.