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PNG Drilling Company participates in IKTVA SMEs Forum and Exhibition-2017 (Dammam, Saudi Arabia,Dhahran Expo, December 12–14, 2017), organized by the largest oil company Saudi Aramco.


PNG Drilling Company participates in IKTVA SMEs Forum and Exhibition-2017  (Dammam, Saudi Arabia,Dhahran Expo,  December  12–14, 2017) organized by the largest oil company Saudi Aramco.  PNG Drilling Company’s  stand №4 is located in the BLK 14 of Dhahran Expo.

PNG Drilling Company and PNG Service Company, participating in the Exhibition at the invitation of Saudi Aramco, are the only Russian participants in this Exhibition.

In the interview with the corporate television of Saudi Aramco, the general director of PNG Drilling Company Mr. Zamir Abdullaev expressed his gratitude for the invitation to take part in this Exhibition and noted that it was a special honor and pride for PNG Drilling Company to represent the Russian oil and gas business at the Forum of such a high level.

At IKTVA SMEs Exhibition PNG Drilling Company presents its newest European–made state-of-the art mobile drilling rigs and technologies as well as the main samples of primary and remedial well cementing equipments .

It is expected that the negotiations held with the representatives of Saudi Aramco during the Exhibition will result in the establishment and successful development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Companies.