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PNG Drilling Company stopped using Telegram messenger.


PNG Drilling Company as a law-abiding Russian company stopped using Telegram messenger and closed its account there. This decision was made in accordance with the recent judgment  of Taganskiy Court of Moscow on the ban of  the messenger Telegram on the territory of Russian Federation  following  the suit of Roskomnadzor ( Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media).

PNG Drilling Company Directorate proposed  its employees to remove Telegram from their working computers and mobile devices, not to bypass the court's ban on using Telegram  and to use other popular messengers.

Expressing its regret about  the ban of  the messenger Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation due to Telegram’s refusal to comply with the provisions of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Information and Information Technologies" on providing information to the law enforcement state authorities, PNG Drilling Company nevertheless will steadfastly respect the requirements of Russian laws and state regulators in this regard.

PNG Drilling Company may re-start using Telegram in case this messenger will fulfill Roskomnadzor’s requirements and the respective Court’s decision will be taken.