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Press Service of PNG Drilling Company informs


Press Service of PNG Drilling Company hereby warns all concerned parties about the fact of unlawful dissemination by some so called “specialized” websites of misleading information, which is discrediting business reputation of PNG Drilling Company, its shareholders, business partners and customers. 

This fact of dissemination of knowingly false information constitutes a criminal offense, for which a respective claim will be sent to prosecution authorities.

The well-deserved business reputation of PNG Drilling Company, positive testimonials and references provided by the partners and customers are founded on the successful results of PNG Drilling Company business activity for many years. The audited financial statements, which have been prepared under IFRS standards, present a conclusive evidence that information disseminated by such “specialized” sites  is deception, a form of unfair competition aimed at discrediting PNG Drilling Company before its partners and customers. This becomes particularly obvious during the procurement procedures carried out by the customers.

PNG Drilling Company hereby urges that reasonable care and awareness should be applied when receiving  various information from the doubtful sources used by dishonest authors as a tool of unfair competition.