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PNG Drilling shall receive 2 mobile rigs from WEI Srl, Italy: “Pioneer 4000 WEI DS 205-22 LT” and “Sarmat 4000 WEI DS 205-22 LT”


PNG Drilling Company has signed the Contact with Well Equipments International s.r.l. (WEI Srl, Fiorenzuola D’Arda, Piacenza, Italy) for the delivery of two mobile drilling rigs (MDR) WEI DS 205-22 LT with hook-load capacity of 205 m/t each.

The contracted drilling rigs will be custom built rigs as per special design, developed by the specialists of PNG Drilling Company.

Following the design these mobile drilling rigs will be manufactured as a semi-trailer based hydraulic drilling rig with no draw-works, able to work with Double Range 2 DP, stands of 19 m length without using derrick-man and any personnel on the drilling floor by means of using special power telescopic catwalk.
The drilling rigs will be made of  Arcelor steel (Netherlands).

The ordered mobile drilling rigs will have the given by PNG Drilling Co names of «Pioneer 4000 WEI DS 205-22 LT» and “Sarmat 4000 WEI DS 205-22 LT” and will be equipped with the Italian mud pumps with diesel drive of 1 600 h.p. (WEI QF-RS-1600) each, with 5 cleaning stages circulation system and with other world-class up-to-date equipments.

In accordance with the Contract signed these drilling rigs will be delivered to Russia in February and March 2015 accordingly to be used, presumably, at the oil fields in Astrahan, Volgograd, Orenburg and Samara regions of Russia.

Within the Contract signing procedure PNG Drilling Company CEO Mr. Zamir Abdullaev emphasized : ”As a result of this deal PNG Drilling Company will be equipped with 5 (Five) semi-trailer based rigs with the hook-load capacity of 205 – 340 m/t . Moreover, none drilling contractor in Russia possess a heavy (340 m/t) semi-trailer based drilling rig. Simply, such kind semi-trailer based heavy rigs of 340 m/t doesn’t exist in Russia. We expect the up-to-date equipments, the newest (not older than 2 years) rigs fleet will allow PNG Drilling Company to become preferred drilling services contractor for the Russian E & P upstream companies”.