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PNG Drilling Company increases the drilling works pace at the oil fields of JSC "RITEK" (LUKOIL Oil Company Group)


In accordance with the Contract with JSC "RITEK" (LUKOIL Oil Company Group) PNG Drilling Company realizes the construction of oil wells in Samara region of Russia using the mobile drilling rigs without winch.

Two wells has been already constructed with the depth of 3 350m each of them, wherein the mobile drilling rig “ Pobedit 4000 WEI DS 205" has completed the construction of the well with a significant (21 days) ahead of schedule.

In total, JSC "RITEK" & PNG Drilling Co Contract provides drilling of 8 wells.

The second up-to-date mobile drilling rig without winch “Eskimos 4500 WEI DS 250” ( WEI, Italy) has been put into operation in the drilling rigs fleet of PNG Drilling Co at the oil fields of JSC "RITEK".

Mobile drilling rig «Eskimos 4500 WEI DS 250» is a more powerful analog of mobile drilling rig «Pobedit 4000 WEI DS 205» and has a larger bearing capacity and power, namely: 250 m/t and 1 500 hp accordingly in comparison with 205 m/t and 1 260 hp of «Pobedit 4000 WEI DS 205» mobile drilling rig.

Well cementing has been provided by PNG Service Company , a “sister” company of PNG Drilling Co.

PNG Drilling Company CEO Mr. Zamir Abdullaev noted within his visit to the drilling sites in Samara region in this June: “ In general, we are satisfied with the results of our work for JSC "RITEK". At the same time PNG Drilling Co sets a more ambitious target - to become the most preferred drilling services contractor for JSC "RITEK" and LUKOIL Oil Company. PNG Drilling Co does its best to achieve this target. PNG Drilling Company is a Russian drilling contractor with international approach and practice of drilling services providing”.