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PNG Drilling Company has received a new mobile hydraulic rig “POBEDIT 4000 DS 205” with the top drive at its disposal.


In accordance with the concluded contracts a new drilling equipment that has no analogue in Russia  has been made and delivered to Russia to the address of PNG Drilling Company. The new mobile hydraulic rig “POBEDIT 4000 DS 205” with the top drive is a result of cooperation of the specialists and companies from Russia, China, Italy and USA.

The  new drilling equipment set includes mobile drilling rig itself, produced by Italian company  WEI s.r.l., Ellis Williams drilling pumps (USA), Solid Control System ( Kosun Machinery Co.,  China), Blow out preventors (China), Downhole motors (China) and other equipment.

POBEDIT 4000 DS 205 is a highly effective mobile drilling rig with 205 МТ hoisting capacity. Only fifteen transportation units are required for carrying the complete set of equipment. The complete set of POBEDIT 4000 DS 205 occupies less than 4,200 м2 , that reduce a negative impact on the environment and save time for revegetation of the land under the drilling rig.

Installation of the equipment “POBEDIT 4000 DS 205” as well as the staff training  took place at the production facilities of PNG Drilling Company in Astrakhan with assistance of the foreign representatives of the manufacturing plants.