R&D activity

PNG Drilling Company pays particular attention to research and development activities (R&D), to development and introduction of advanced drilling and service equipment, as well as new technologies of international standard.

Active introduction of R&D results is targeted at maintaining high market competitiveness of PNG Drilling Company, at Company becoming a preferable drilling contractor as regards main criteria of a choice, including:

  • application of state-of-the-art first-rate drilling equipment and technologies of international standard. All drilling rigs operated by PNG Drilling Company are below 4 y.o. Out-of-date rigs are leased to external drilling contractors, gradually withdrawn from operation and utilized;
  • availability of the highly-skilled personnel familiar with drilling work area, lithology, geological conditions of drilling and possible complication areas;
  • service-oriented approach to Subsoil User and Operator’s interests and needs, consideration of any Customer interests. PNG DC is a Russian drilling contractor with international approach;
  • careful observance of industrial safety and environment protection requirements (one of the examples thereof is the fact that PNG DC rigs have (an option) zero mud spillage from drilling floor onto soil. When planning and conducting corporate R&D activities PNG DC considers continuous upgrade of standards of and requirements to the operated drilling equipment in respect of ecological, fuel and power efficiency and safety;
  • high production rate and operating efficiency: PNG DC drilling rigs are mounted within 3-4 days exclusively by drilling crew efforts, potential commercial drilling speed can exceed 50 m/h and meet Customer wishes with due consideration of geologic and technical conditions intended to preserve borehole integrity;
  • PNG DC is a Russian private independent organization, non-affiliated with its Customers either "de jure" or “de facto”;
  • PNG Drilling Company is a real integrated Russian drilling contractor, possessing a subsidiary - PNG Service Company that renders services in well cementation applying the up-to-date cementing fleet, slurry laboratories, mobile bulk bending plant etc.

Below are given some examples of PNG DC active application of D&R results and achievements:

  • Modern fleet of mobile drilling rigs with top drives and DP and casing automatic delivery systems with hook load capacity from 205 to 450 tons, capacity from 1260 to 2 250 hp, in arctic and desert modifications with exclusively high wind-resistance of mast;Video.
  • A system for relocation of rig with “walking” substructure designed for cluster drilling, enabling to rotate the machine through a full 360° from initial well, instead of moving it on rails in a single direction which is most commonly seen in the drilling service market;Video.
  • System of adjustable pressure on bit from 0 to 30 tons without change of bottom hole assembly (BHA) due to designated hydraulic “over top drive” cylinders. It is a further distinctive advantage of PNG DC drilling rigs, especially useful when drilling the first meters through drift-sands and in other situations when it is impossible to create pressure on bit using DC and BHA, when drilling and casing side-tracks, as well as when running casing strings in horizontal sections of multi-lateral wells;Video.
  • A system exerting downward pressure with possibility of washing and rotating casing of any diameter when running casing string thanks to “over top drive” system and dedicated PNG Drilling Company  corporate "overshot" design in the form of tapered slips for a whole casing pipe gripping around circumference, with a packer for washing in the course of casing running. This advantage of PNG DC drilling equipment is especially actual when running casing strings in horizontal sections of wells with large horizontal displacement;Video.
  • PNG DC corporate design is a drilling system with simultaneous borehole casing using a dedicated tool mounted on the top drive. This technology shortens well construction period, prevents tool sticking in an unstable borehole; however, for economic reasons this technology is recommended to be used in cases when well construction dates and/or borehole integrity have priority over quotations of drilling daily rates. At the same time, PNG DC can also apply at Customer wish similar foreign technologies (TESCO, Weatherford); Fundamental drawing.
  • Rotating BOP and additional equipment for well drilling with pressure control or for underbalanced well drilling;Video.
  • At Customer request, PNG DC rigs apply dedicated equipment intended to prevent environmental pollution (mud bucket, “0” spill equipment, etc.), providing zero mud spillage from drilling floor and drilling rig onto soil. Presentation 1. Presentation 2.

Besides the above mentioned techniques, PNG Drilling Company applies in its work many other most up-to-date research and development achievements and solutions meeting advanced international standards. The Company is ready to supply on Customer (both existing and potential) request additional information of interest.